How to Become Famous

March 22, 2011 2 comments

Upon watching the recent Youtube sensation “Racist UCLA Girl” I have come to the conclusion that to become famous or recognized you have to do something really good, or in this case something really bad. It seems as though there is no room for mediocrity in our world anymore. After numerous of my peers watched this video we began the discussion of what was next for this girl. We came to the conclusion that she most definitely will be kicked out of school, will receive death threats, and be on some type of reality show. Isn’t it sad that we live in a world that someone can do something so bad and more than likely end up famous and making money off of this?

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We Don’t Always Know the Whole Story

March 16, 2011 1 comment

Today in my busy day I had a moment where it really made me think. In between classes on Tuesdays this winter I have been teaching power skating and hockey skills. The kids range in age from about 6-9 years of age. These kids vary in ability when it comes to skating in hockey.

I find my experiences on the ice much like my experiences in the classroom. The kids are all at different levels and as their instructor you need to reach everyone on the ice. One particular boy in our group always seems to have a hard time with being motivated. Sometimes he is skating and trying hard, but for the most part he is putting in little effort and often not listening. He is a quiet boy that doesn’t say alot to anyone. Even though he keeps to himself, the one session he inentionally body checked a fellow player into the boards. So I found it a bit peculiar that a quiet boy that keeps to himself would body check someone without being prevoked. Working with another instructor, we have both at times been frustrated with the up and down behaviour of this boy.

Before todays session on the ice, the boys foster father (which I didnt know was a foster parent until after the session) came up to me and encouraged me to push the boy. We discussed how we knew he was a strong skater but just lacked effort. The father informed me that although the boy could keep up to the strong skaters, he was intimidated by them.

So, as we proceeded with the on ice session I tried to pay close attention to the boy and try to motivate him to put in a solid effort on the ice. It seemed as though the effect had a one step forward, two steps back type effect. The boy started off putting in a great deal of effort but as the session went on, he disengaged himself and totally isolated himself from the group.

Eventually the lesson was over and the other instructor went over to talk to the boy to try and talk to him about his efforts. At that point the boy broke down in tears. There was obviously alot more going on in this kids head than skating and hockey.

After the session I spoke with the foster father. He told me that this boy (who is no older than 9) has been in 7 or 8 different foster homes. They took him into their home in October and immediately put him on skates. He has never played hockey before this fall. Learning that immediately impressed me with the skills he had gained in such a short time. The father also informed me that the boy, although quiet, sometimes has a violent outburst such as the body checking incident. The foster father also talked about the breakdowns he has from time to time.

All of this information really made me think about the kids and where they come from. In the classroom I have learned to think about these things but I never really thought about it at the hockey rink. Each and every kid you interact with comes with a different story and a different background. As a teacher/instructor/adult/etc you need to understand these thing and approach situations with an open mind and hope to reach these kids at some point in a positive way.

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Six Word Stories – Tech Task #9

March 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is a cool little tech task that I was required to do for my ECMP355 class. This is a simple yet effective assignment that I can see myself using in the future. I found it quite challenging to try and tell as story in 6 words. It will be interesting to see if my future students find it easier than I did.


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History will be made

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

For those of you that dont know me, I’m a hockey fan. A big hockey fan. Living in Canada, hockey runs through the blood of many of us. I have grown up with hockey all around me. I was on skates before I was three and playing competive hockey the winter after. I have listened to my dad tell countless stories of his playing career as well as the heros he watched in the NHL.

Growing up in a small community I had the luxery of being able to go to the rink at almost any hour and go for a skate. Some of my favourite times skating when I was younger (as well as today) is when the rink is deserted. There is something about the cold crisp air, the sound of my skates carving the ice, and the sound of the puck banging off the boards that really make me feel free. Numerous times I have gone for a skate to help clear my head. Hockey is my release. It puts me at ease. That may sound strange that a contact sport such as hockey puts me at ease but it does. Competitive or recreational, I love it all.

The reason I am talking about this is because the commercials for NHL playoffs are starting to surface again. I first seen these commercials last year and thought they were pretty neat. You may have seen these “history will be made” commercials. Just take a quick search on youtube. Here is one of my favourites below

They are fairly simple commercials that take a moment in hockey history and rewind it questioning what if this never happend and end it with “history will be made.” Right away these commericals jump out at me as a commercial that will be re-done over and over much like the famous priceless mastercard commercials. Searching through youtube there are many homemade versions of these commercials.  Some are very well done, and some are made to make you laugh.

I thought this would be a great thing to implement into an assignment somewhere in my teaching. This might be a great way to spark the interest of a hockey player that may be reluctant in your classroom. Giving a student the option to do a similar type video on something else would be another great idea. History is an important part of our lives, even if it is hockey. Hockey history is a bond my father and I share. We talk about hockey every time we see each other. We talk about the NHL, we talk about senior hockey, and we talk about the days when we used to go for a skate together. This bond that I have created with my father has to do with hockey history and its importance in our lives. So I will end this blog posting with this, what if hockey never was created….

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I Have A Dream Mash Up- Tech Task #7

March 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is our groups mash up of the famous MLK speech remixed with the song Colours by Click on the soundcloud app below. This was a challenging but very rewarding tech task. This would definatley be a good thing to try out in the classroom with students. One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying not to take away from such a powerful speech by not including certain aspects of it. This speech is a very important part of our black as well as world history. We also had to take time to find a song that was appropriate for the context of the speech. The song colours I feel does this nicely. The task was not as simple as combining the song and the speech.

We used a program called Audacity. This was the first time we had used the program so it took some getting used to, but once we did it went well. A few of the challenges we faced was the quality of the audio recording of the MLK speech and making sure you could hear it over the music of We also had to edit and splice the song to make it a bit longer to fit more of the MLK speech in. Audacity provides simple tools to make this easier than it sounds. Overall this was a huge success in my opinion and I am very happy to share this with everyone. Please show and share this to people who may have a use for it in their classroom lesson.

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Technology Moving Faster Than Curriculum

March 1, 2011 1 comment

Over the past few days I have been creating a unit plan for an Information Processing class. It is one of the assignment required to complete for one of my university classes. I found this process both challenging and rewarding for a couple reasons. The reason this was a challenge was because of the curriculum that is currently being used for IP classes in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately technology moves so much faster than we can create a curriculum that best suits our needs. It seems crazy to look at a curriculum that was created in 2003 to call it outdated but the rate in which technology advances is absolutely astounding. One challenge I had when creating this unit plan was trying to take the objectives in the curriculum and trying to make them into more relevant outcome/indicator based. I am by no means re writing the curriculum but trying to create a unit that follows the curriculum while still managing to be current is tricky.

The current curriculum is huge. It is broken into 25 modules to be taught throughout IP 10,20, and 30. The way I tried to approach this was condensing it into less outcomes. I feel as though this is possible today more so than ever because younger generations are becoming more and more familiar with the technology around them. The technology will always be moving faster than anyone can spit out a new curriculum there is no denying that but I feel as though steps need to be taken in updating the curriculum in a way that makes it flexible and relevant for todays growing world of technology.

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The Door Scene – Tech Task #6

February 15, 2011 3 comments

This was a group tech task that we completed in class. It was a lot of fun to do but at times very frustrating. For some reason some of the editing would not cooperate for us.

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