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Life as I know it

As I sit here half way through May I have come to realize my life never seems to slow down. Upon completing my degree I thought that I would have some time to relax and think about my next move in life but that appears not to be so. There has not been much time for that. I have had to think on the go and continue on with many things on the go. Patiently waiting for my Teacher’s Certificate in the mail, first child being born, getting all moved into my new place, waiting for transcripts to be mailed, work, applying for jobs, waiting patiently for call backs, doing interviews…the list goes on. It feels like summer holidays cannot come soon enough. Among all of these things I am still hoping to get into the classroom to do some subbing for the last month of school. I’m not sure what all this is doing to me…stess? Maybe. Anxiety? definitely. The crazy thing about all of this, one thing that I have not listed above is what is really making me feel that everything is coming at me at once. I have heard everything happens for a reason. I believe this is true and I also believe that I am really being put to the test here to prove that I can handle everything that is coming at me. Some days I feel it is too much, that is why I am thankful for the supports I have in my life to keep me going. My family, my friends, and a few others sprinkled in there is what really gets me through my day and helps me keep going. I am thankful for everything that I have and for everyone that helps me out. This is the life as I know it, and one when most of all there is one thing that will also make life worth while. That reason is pictured below. I fell in love the moment I layed eyes on her. Life is busy but life is good.

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