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History will be made

For those of you that dont know me, I’m a hockey fan. A big hockey fan. Living in Canada, hockey runs through the blood of many of us. I have grown up with hockey all around me. I was on skates before I was three and playing competive hockey the winter after. I have listened to my dad tell countless stories of his playing career as well as the heros he watched in the NHL.

Growing up in a small community I had the luxery of being able to go to the rink at almost any hour and go for a skate. Some of my favourite times skating when I was younger (as well as today) is when the rink is deserted. There is something about the cold crisp air, the sound of my skates carving the ice, and the sound of the puck banging off the boards that really make me feel free. Numerous times I have gone for a skate to help clear my head. Hockey is my release. It puts me at ease. That may sound strange that a contact sport such as hockey puts me at ease but it does. Competitive or recreational, I love it all.

The reason I am talking about this is because the commercials for NHL playoffs are starting to surface again. I first seen these commercials last year and thought they were pretty neat. You may have seen these “history will be made” commercials. Just take a quick search on youtube. Here is one of my favourites below

They are fairly simple commercials that take a moment in hockey history and rewind it questioning what if this never happend and end it with “history will be made.” Right away these commericals jump out at me as a commercial that will be re-done over and over much like the famous priceless mastercard commercials. Searching through youtube there are many homemade versions of these commercials.  Some are very well done, and some are made to make you laugh.

I thought this would be a great thing to implement into an assignment somewhere in my teaching. This might be a great way to spark the interest of a hockey player that may be reluctant in your classroom. Giving a student the option to do a similar type video on something else would be another great idea. History is an important part of our lives, even if it is hockey. Hockey history is a bond my father and I share. We talk about hockey every time we see each other. We talk about the NHL, we talk about senior hockey, and we talk about the days when we used to go for a skate together. This bond that I have created with my father has to do with hockey history and its importance in our lives. So I will end this blog posting with this, what if hockey never was created….

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