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I Have A Dream Mash Up- Tech Task #7

Here is our groups mash up of the famous MLK speech remixed with the song Colours by will.i.am. Click on the soundcloud app below. This was a challenging but very rewarding tech task. This would definatley be a good thing to try out in the classroom with students. One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying not to take away from such a powerful speech by not including certain aspects of it. This speech is a very important part of our black as well as world history. We also had to take time to find a song that was appropriate for the context of the speech. The song colours I feel does this nicely. The task was not as simple as combining the song and the speech.

We used a program called Audacity. This was the first time we had used the program so it took some getting used to, but once we did it went well. A few of the challenges we faced was the quality of the audio recording of the MLK speech and making sure you could hear it over the music of will.i.am. We also had to edit and splice the song to make it a bit longer to fit more of the MLK speech in. Audacity provides simple tools to make this easier than it sounds. Overall this was a huge success in my opinion and I am very happy to share this with everyone. Please show and share this to people who may have a use for it in their classroom lesson.

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