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Technology Moving Faster Than Curriculum

Over the past few days I have been creating a unit plan for an Information Processing class. It is one of the assignment required to complete for one of my university classes. I found this process both challenging and rewarding for a couple reasons. The reason this was a challenge was because of the curriculum that is currently being used for IP classes in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately technology moves so much faster than we can create a curriculum that best suits our needs. It seems crazy to look at a curriculum that was created in 2003 to call it outdated but the rate in which technology advances is absolutely astounding. One challenge I had when creating this unit plan was trying to take the objectives in the curriculum and trying to make them into more relevant outcome/indicator based. I am by no means re writing the curriculum but trying to create a unit that follows the curriculum while still managing to be current is tricky.

The current curriculum is huge. It is broken into 25 modules to be taught throughout IP 10,20, and 30. The way I tried to approach this was condensing it into less outcomes. I feel as though this is possible today more so than ever because younger generations are becoming more and more familiar with the technology around them. The technology will always be moving faster than anyone can spit out a new curriculum there is no denying that but I feel as though steps need to be taken in updating the curriculum in a way that makes it flexible and relevant for todays growing world of technology.

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  1. March 2, 2011 at 1:14 AM

    Agreed! Perhaps the curricula should be reviewed by practicing teachers (that’s the most important thing!) every one to two years, where minor changes are made, hopefully keeping the document(s) relevant!

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