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New Technology to Use as a Teacher

In my EBUS270 class we recently had to present a new technology that we would be interested in implementing into the curriculum. I chose to do my presentation on blogging. There were many great forms of technology that people presented on. We explored the uses of ipads, wikis, flip cameras, edmodo, Kurzweil, iphones, prezi, smooth board, groove, and twitter. There may be a couple I forgot to mention so I apologize if I missed you.

Each one had their positives and negatives. Each member of my class did a great job at pointing these out to the rest of us, so hats off to you. The object of this assignment was to show how we would implement each into the curriculum. Although each person did that, I think that most of the presentations ended up being about how we can use the particular tool to teach. To me this is great because having all of these tools around you to help enrich the student learning environment is great, I just think most of us missed the mark a little (including myself).

One thing I liked was the Flip. It was a coincidence but I happened to be introduced to them earlier that day in another class. Having these video cameras readily available in the classroom would be a great thing to have. These cameras record HD quality video and the best part about it is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for one of them. With these cameras students could create videos and final projects for almost any class. Can’t wait to go out and purchase my own.

The next new technology that was presented that I really enjoyed and look forward to the possibility of using, is Kurzweil. This text to speech technology targets such a large demographic of children that often struggle through school. Kurzwiel is beneficial to special needs students, dyslexia, ADHD, EAL students and much more. Kurzweil is a tool that would benefit anyone. Having a technology that can convert any text on your computer, including websites, to voice, will help students keep up to other students, help them learn at a fast pace, and make them more comfortable in the classroom.

The last one I wanted to mention was the Prezi. If you havent heard of a prezi you need to check it out!!! A prezi is a great alternative to the generic powerpoint presentation that we have all become accustomed to. Basically a prezi is a giant canvas that you can create almost anything on. The layout is simple and easy to use. Spend five minutes playing around with it and you will be able to create something great and visually appealing. A prezi gives you the ability to zoom in or zoom out to focus on the big picture. It lets you add videos, other links, and pictures. Everything is at your fingertips to blow your class away. I created a prezi during my pre-internship and the kids thought it was one of the coolest things they had ever seen. Soon they were creating their own presentations. 

Although I only mentioned three, there were many great presentations that I could have mentioned here. I applaud my fellow classmates on a job well done.

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