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Is technology wrecking our social skills?

As we move forward technology has become more and more crucial to my everyday life. If I did not have my computer and cell phone close by, I would be lost in a world moving much faster than I could keep up to. How could someone survive without these two crucial pieces of technology? Could you imagine doing all your research for a major paper in university without the computer. Even to find a book in the library without the computer. How about being without a cell phone? Without my cell phone I would have no ones phone numbers. There are three phone numbers I will always remember: My moms, my dads, and my own. Beyond those numbers I rely on my cell phone to remember them for me. Am I too dependent on technology? Maybe…but is that a bad thing?

The way I see it, I am not dependent on technology. I am simply embracing it. Technology is an amazing thing. The tools available to us is astounding. I can’t even count how many times I have been asked a tough question,  had to go some place I had never been, or wanted to know a phone number and simply walked over to my computer and found the answer within seconds. Having an answer to so many problems in life at your finger tips has  sped the world up to a speed that technology itself is always playing catch up.

How about all the different types of communication. Cell phones are huge today. They have made everyone available virtually any time of day (Depending who you are you may not view that as a positive). Texting has made the need to make a phone call to ask one simple question unnecessary. One thing that I have just recently started to dabble in is skype. This is absolutely amazing. I got skype because some fellow eduction students have gone to Malaysia to finish off their last semester. Years ago if someone were to do this you would never get to see them until they came back. With the power of skype you can now have a video conversation for FREE at anytime and with anyone you want. I can now talk with Sheena, Kyla, Renee, or Katie anytime I want.

The fact is I could sit here all day and talk about all the great things that technology has to offer. With everything good there always seems to be a negative view on it. With technology all around us, its seems as though it is consuming our lives. Everywhere you look there is technology. We depend on it and that will never change. Sometimes our dependency can get in the way of our brains. Just doing a simple search on Google and there are many people out there that share many different opinions. For example; calculators. A beautiful piece of technology, yet it gets in the way of someone learning simple math. Yes, you can make the argument, where in life are you  not allowed to use a calculator, but when someone has to pull out a calculator to do the simple addition 5+6, that is a little troublesome to me.

Beyond that I think that technology such as video games can have a very negative effect on a child in a few ways. Video games have become more and more violent and graphic in such a short time that children that play these games are becoming desensitized to this type of violence. Another negative affect technology such as video games can have is that a child will spend hours on end sitting in front of a TV screen playing games. I feel that this can have a negative effect on not only our physical health from lack of exercise but our social skills as well. Not trying to sound too old here but, when I was a child, you spent your nights running or biking around town, laughing and talking with your peers from around town. It was these times throughout my childhood where I learned how to properly communicate with my peers, develop relationships and socialize. With the abundance of technology surrounding us in today’s world it feels as though it is blocking children from having these same experiences that I had growing up.

As I reflect on this and re read this over and over I realize that in all my time spent on this I really have not picked one side. The fact is I don’t think I need to. technology can be such a wonderful thing. I think as an educator I need to embrace it and implement it into my classroom on a regular basis. At the same time I think there needs to be times without the use of technology. I also think one should not surround bury themselves in a video game or on the computer for hours on end. This really is a tough subject to debate. Both sides have great benefits as well as drawbacks, that I could list endlessly. I think I will just conclude this where it stands right now and leave myself sitting on the fence reading the feedback that everyone sends on their point of view.

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